Weapon of Choice

AUG (de dust)
MP5 (de aztec, de dust2)




MP5 is da best!

Psycho is a cowardly counter-terrorist. Psycho is overly cautious about being reckless and engaging in combat, often times not leading assaults and letting an almost completely opposite counterpart, Freekill, lead assaults instead, who is usually willing to do so. Due to his playstyle, his performance highly varies between episodes. At times, his cautious nature will help him and his teammates a lot by scouting out danger and providing cover fire, but can also get him killed from being too passive. At times, however, Psycho can be aggressive, such as when he attacks Dumbass in de_aztec.

He has a peculiar love for the MP5, as he uses the weapon almost uniquely in both de_aztec and de_dust2.

Appearances Edit

Psycho appeared first in de_dust, with the rest of the Counter Terrorist team and was the one to take down Killer. Later on, when Camper planted the bomb, Psycho was the first to find said bomb. But right when he crouched to deactivate it, he was shot at by Camper, who barely missed his head. Psycho attempted to retaliate by grabbing a HE grenade, but Camper shot the grenade and blew it up in Psycho´s hand, killing him.

Psycho made a return in de_aztec, when he and Freekill were arguing about who should fight Lagger (Psycho definitely didn't want to). the duo witnessed Lagger´s death at the hands of SWAT and acknowledged the win by stating that the sector was now clear. Later Psycho winds up with Assassin and Dumbass, and takes advantage of the latter's fooling around to kick him in the privates and shoot him in the face. Psycho gets killed by FD God immediately afterwards.

Psycho reappeared in de_dust2, once again with Freekill. The two argued constantly, such as when Freekill gave him a dirty look when he kept standing on Freekill's back, and when the two constantly tried to convince the other to attack Killer, who intimidated Psycho through constant suppressive fire. Freekill eventually attacked first, but when he died, Psycho ran away in fear. He later regrouped with Assassin and both began firing on Dumbass at cat, who somehow managed to avoid damage, and FD God killed an unaware Assassin from cat. Psycho took cover and requested help from his two teammates and then attempted to defend himself, only for FD God to shoot him point blank. However, this helped out his team in a sense, as it forced them to attend the area that FD God was guarding.

Trivia Edit

  • As all characters are modeled after types of Counter Strike players, Psycho is modeled after cowardly players.