Psycho holding an MP5

The MP-5, or the K&M SMG, is a submachine gun used primarily by Psycho since de_aztec.

History Edit

cs_mansion Edit

The first gun to ever appear on a WX animation, the MP5 was wielded by both Counters. Counter 1 did not get to fire his, as he was ambushed by the Terrors and knifed to death. Counter 2 panicked and fired a whole magazine into a window. It was not used for the rest of the animation.

cs_assault Edit

The MP5 appears in the hands of one of the Counters at the very beginning. However, it is never seen again, thus making it hard to tell who used it.

de_aztec Edit

The MP5 is brought back in de_aztec, where it appears in the hands of Psycho. Psycho uses it to kill Dumbass after kicking him in the crotch. FD God immediately kills Psycho afterward.

de_dust2 Edit

The MP5 returns in the hands of Psycho once again. Psycho is only seen firing it when camping at Bombsite A with Assassin. He attempts to kill Dumbass with the gun, but misses every shot. Psycho is then pinned down by FD God, and attempts to shoot him, but misses again, and is subsequently killed.



Trivia Edit

  • Psycho clearly favors this gun, as evidenced by his de_aztec quote.
  • It was the first-ever weapon to appear in a Counter Strike flash.