The M4A1 in the series.

The Pro Hmph

The Pro with a M4A1.

The Colt M4A1, or the Maverick M4, is an assault rifle used exclusively by Counter-Terrorists.

History Edit

cs_assault Edit

The M4 appears in the hands of Counter 1, who uses the gun to provide covering fire for Counter 4. He does not get a single kill with the gun.

de_dust Edit

The M4 appears in the hands of SWAT, who fired it at Killer. SWAT wouldn't use this gun for the remainder of the round.

de_aztec Edit

The M4 returns yet again in the hands of The Pro, who had switched teams. The Pro fits it with a silencer and attempts to kill Dumbass, but endsup killing Killer on accident. The M4 then appears in the hands of SWAT, but he does not fire it until the showdown with FD God, where the M4 runs out of ammunition.

de_dust2 Edit

Striker equips this rifle, along with The Pro. Striker, however, is quickly shot in the head. The Pro then uses his silenced M4 to kill Newbie (who ragequits). The M4 appears amongst the many weapons Hacker swaps through. SWAT then used his M4 to kill Camper. The Pro used it one last time to kill FD God, and the holstered the gun.

de_dust2 Outtake 1 Edit

The M4 appears with a silencer in the hands of The Pro. The Pro does not notice anyone had snuck up on him. and thus, the M4 is not fired here.

Global Offensive Trailer Edit

The M4 makes a small appearance in the trailer, mainly used by Striker, who is killed by Hacker.

Striker's Rampage Edit

Striker uses an M4 throughout the whole animation. He first uses it to kill Newbie. After killing Killer and Lagger with dual USPs, Striker uses his M4 to kill FD God. The M4 is then seen held by Hacker/Chicken.

Users Edit

Trivia Edit

  • With a grand total of 6 kills, it is entirely possible that the M4A1 currently holds the record for the gun having the most kills.