Hacker's WrathEdit

This episode is the sequel to that of DE_dust2 and Striker's Rampage. When Hacker has joined the game again, hoping to bring everyone down and finally be the best of Counter Strike, Admin hears the news and joins the game to ban Hacker forever. However, Hacker has hacked a command shield in-game, blocking Admin's commands. It is now  up to the rest of the players, who switched to the Counter-Terrorists, to finally bring Hacker to justice.

New PlayersEdit

This episode brings new players to the game. The Hackeroids have joined the game as minion bots for hacker, and another player joins the Counter-Terrorists and has never been seen before: Girl Gamer.

Other Info / TriviaEdit

  • None yet, please join our community and add more!
  • Yup, still none yet.
  • Wei has yet to make this, as he didn't get 10,000 pounds.
  • Yes. Ten THOUSAND pounds.
  • As in money, British money.
  • Not weight, dumbass.
  • Which translates to about 13,000 dollars.
  • He did get around 800 pounds though, 2016 and we still waiting.
  • The video has been cancelled due to the kickstarter project not reaching its goal of 10,000 pounds.