Newbie holding a Desert Eagle.

The Desert Eagle, or Nighthawk .50C, is a gas-operated Isreali pistol. It serves as the main Terrorist sidearm from de_dust2 onwards.

History Edit

de_dust3 Edit

Although it would come to be used as the main Terrorist pistol, the Desert Eagle makes its first-ever appearance in The Pro's possession, who gets one to replace his USP while he intimidates fellow teammate Striker in their spawn point. However, he doesn't use it, preferring to use his silenced M4 rifle.

Another Desert Eagle then shows up in the hands of a very nervous Newbie. However, he then switched to a grenade, requested backup twice, then used the grenade on a spider. Surviving the explosion, he then left out of rage when The Pro shot him down.

It later reappeared in the hands of FD God for a brief moment when he cycled through his weapons. Like Newbie and The Pro, he did not use it at all.

de_dust2 Outtake 1 Edit

Once again, the Desert Eagle reappears in Newbie's possession. He attempts to use it to perform a headshot on an unsuspecting The Pro, but it jams. After pulling the trigger several times to the response of the click, Newbie looks down the barrel. With horrid luck, the gun suddenly unjams itself, and Newbie shoots himself directly in the face.

Striker's Rampage Edit

The Desert Eagle and Newbie continue to be an inseparable pair. However, once again Newbie dies before he can get a chance to fire.

Target Practice With Newbie Edit

The Desert Eagle appears once more in Newbie's hands, where he aims it at a target. The gun fires only three bullets before running out of ammo, with the recoil sending the shots higher than the target. After it runs dry, Newbie switches over to an AK-47.