Counter-Strike - DE dust2 HD

Counter-Strike - DE dust2 HD

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Short PreviewEdit

The war continues in the de_dust2 map! Will the Terrorists plant the bomb? Will the Counter-Terrorists defuse the bomb? All yours answers are here!

Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists ListEdit



The Pro









Newbie (killed by The Pro, and left the game)

FD God


Hacker (turns into a chicken and later remove from the game by Admin)


Before the round starts, during freezetime. Striker throws his USP pistol and pulls out his M4A1. The pistol he threw hits The Pro. And The Pro screams "ARRRRGGGGHHH!!" And facing Striker with his thumbs down at him, scaring Striker. The Pro pulls out a Desert Eagle, then his M4A1, then his knife. Striker pretend not to notice, but in reality, he is really scared. Striker hides behind some crates, hiding from The Pro. When the round starts, Striker is shown running out, The Pro follows suit. Striker was almost immediately shot and killed by Camper. The Pro was shocked by this.

The camera pans to Camper, who is holding an AWP, he cocks his sniper rifle, He then starts to listen to a music called "Oh Camper Camper". During this, Dumbass jumps out from behind the wall, and start walking like an idiot. Lagger then comes running out, and of course he's lagging. Dumbass then starts to dance weirdly, and Lagger is doing the robot dance. Later, Psycho and Freekill are seen peeking at Dumbass and Lagger. Freekills says "Sector Clear!" Psycho replies with "Roger that!" Those two then ready their weapons, Freekill using a Pump shotgun, while Psycho uses an MP5.

Later, we see Newbie, with a Desert Eagle, crouching. And he says "I'm in position". He looks around for a bit, then he takes out his HE Grenade, he activates it, but doesn't know where he should throw it. After that, a spider appears beside him, he screams like a girl and throws his grenade at the spider. The explosion launches him towards a wall, but not enough to kill him. Newbie is surprised that he survive the blast. But his relief was short-lived, he was shot and killed by the Pro. Newbie then types in the chat "omg wtf!" "this game sucks!", and he left the game. And Camper is still listening to "Oh Camper Camper".

After that, Assassin is seen guarding bombsite A, he ready his AWP and says "Sector Clear!" Then, we see Psycho and Freekill near a doorway. Freekill says "Go go go!", but Psycho refuses. Turns out, Killer was at the opposite side of the doorway, spraying bullets even when nobody's there. Freekill and Psycho sees some of the bullets flying out, and they looked at each other. Then, Killer enters the doorway, with a flashbang in hand. On the other side, Freekill pumps his shotgun, while Psycho stands beside him, Freekill then jumps out of the doorway, about to shoot Killer. Killer then retaliates by throwing a flashbang against the wall, and dodges Freekill's shotgun blast, and he hides behind a crate. The trajectory of the flashbang causes it to explode on Freekill, blinding him. Killer then took this opportunity to jumps out behind of the crate and fires his Dual Mac-10's at Freekill, killing him. Psycho then runs away in fear.

Later, we see Lagger walking towards the stairway, but the lagginess causes him to run into a wall. He recovers and walks up towards the stairway where Bombsite A is. Assassin then aims at Lagger and fires at him, but Assassin says "Huh?". Turns out, he misses Lagger by an inch away from his body. Lagger then retreats and hid at the stairway. Suddenly, a HE grenade was thrown, exploding near Lagger, but it didn't kill him. Then SWAT throws a HE Grenade at Lagger and kills him and he dies in a laggy way. After that, a player joins the Terrorist team, replacing Newbie's place, it was Hacker. He uses a color hack and turns himself white, and he switches through all weapons in a second. He then comes across Admin, who is floating in the air, shaking his head, And transforms Hacker into a chicken. Then, we see Camper singing along to the music he's listening. He sings the last verse "Kill me Camper one more time!" During this, SWAT was waiting for Camper to finish, and he says "Roger That!" and shoot and kills Camper.

Later, Dumbass is seen chasing Hacker, who is a chicken. Assassin then hears quick footsteps, and he sees Killer jumping out from a behind the wall about to kill whatever's on the other side. Turns out, no-one's on the other side, he then falls on the ground and he screams in pain. Giving Assassin the chance to shoot and kill Killer. And Dumbass is shown chasing the chicken. FD God is seen jumping on top on some crates. Then, Psycho and Assassin opens fire at Dumbass, who is still chasing the chicken, Psycho fires three shots and those shots almost hit Dumbass. Assassin and Psycho fired at Dumbass some more. Assassin is then shot and killed by FD God, who is using an AK-47. During this, the chicken is removed from the game by the Admin. And Dumbass who is about to catch him, falls on his face. FD God is seen opening fire on Psycho, who is taking cover behind the wall. He says "Taking Fire! Need assisstance!" The Pro says "Affirmative." While SWAT says "Roger That", while running with his knife out. Psycho then comes out of cover and open fires at FD God, all bullets missed him. FD God fires one shot from his AK-47, killing Psycho. He then switches to the knife and runs where SWAT and The Pro will be. Dumbass then plants the bomb at Bombsite A. FD God ambushes SWAT by stabbing him in the neck. Unfortunately, he is not fast enough to kill The Pro, The Pro shoots and kill FD God and runs towards Bombsite A.

The Pro arrives at bombsite A. Unfortunately, The bomb and Dumbass was nowhere in sight, He got confused, and Dumbass suddenly appears beside him, while holding the planted bomb on top of his head. The Pro screams, and the bomb explodes, giving the round to the Terrorists.

Striker messes up

The Pro is pissed off!


Camper listening to music.


Freekill ready his shotgun.


İntroducing Newbie.


Killer with his signature dual Mac-10s.

Freekill VS Killer

Killer's epic dodge.


İntroducing SWAT.

Fdgod somersault

FD God jumps on the boxes in a badass way.

Psycho VS FD God

Psycho needs assistance.

Bomb has been planted

Dumbass has planted the bomb.