What Episode?

Ep. 3

What map?


Hostage or Bomb defusal?

Bomb defusal

This episode is the first one to show the characters names. First all the Terrorist (The Pro, Dumbass, Killer, and Camper) divide. Camper says "I'm in position" when they divide. Dumbass goes with The Pro following and Killer by himself. *all Terrorists are in position*. Then The Pro jumps over a crate to show Dumbass. Afterwards he tried it but he got hit on the crate. Then it shows Assassin, he tried to kill Dumbass but the bullet doesn't get to Dumbass its getting to The Pro. Dumbass attempt to push The Pro away but instead The Pro cowering in pain because he got hit in the privates by Dumbass. Because of this, The Pro get hit as showed by,"FUCK YOU!". Then Dumbass kills Assassin at first, he dodged the first and second bullet but completely got hit on the third bullet. Meanwhile Killer goes out and tried to kill 3 of the Counter-terrorists but he didn't had ammo(as showed by, "What the hell!")! So Psycho kills him. *shows Freekill, SWAT and Psycho*. Then it shows Camper sleeping and making a huge sneeze. Then Camper worries because there's 2 Terrorists. Then it shows SWAT going to Camper but the area where he is, its near Dumbass. Then he throws a flash-bang AT SWAT. Then SWAT puts his signature sunglasses then Dumbass can't see and gets killed by SWAT. Camper is shocked to be the last terrorist. 30 seconds later, Freekill is at Camper's spot but finds him not there. Camper already planted the Bomb. Psycho start to defuse the bomb, and Camper shot at Psycho but barely hit his head. Psycho then attempts to retaliate by throwing a HE Grenade at Camper, but Camper shot the grenade in his hand, killing him. Then SWAT is starting to defuse the C4, but Camper comes out of his camping spot, he attempts to slash SWAT with his knife, but SWAT dodges, and attempts to fight back, but Camper fires two shots from his pistol at him, follow up by knifing is head, and fires more shots at his head. Suddenly a bullet flies at Camper. Camper dodges a bullet which is showed to be shot by Freekill. Then the last Counter-terrorist and Terrorist throw two HE grenade but Camper and Freekill dies of the explosion, of their grenade going back to them. So it's a round draw.