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Episode 4

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Hostage or Bomb defusal?

Bomb defusal


The animation starts with The Pro, Striker and Assassin dropping their USP .40s and getting their main weapons. Striker and Assassin goes to the left while The Pro slides down a ramp and jumps from it. Then we see Dumbass armed with Dual Berettas.

As Striker enters a door, Assassin paints his spray logo to a wall before going there. Killer then gets out from a door, who is then get shot by Striker. Killer hides behind a crate to dodge those shots. As Striker runs out of ammo, Killer shoots Striker, but misses every shot to him. After Striker reloads, Striker tries to shoot Killer again, but get shot several times by Killer, dropping his health to 68 and his kevlar armor to 75. Striker tries to hide behind a crate near him, but before he can do that, he is zapped by lightning. Killer is then confused of this.

Freekill then commands Psycho to enter a gate and go through a bridge, but Psycho refuses. And then we see Lagger, who walks laggingly. Freekill commands Psycho once again, but Psycho still refuses. As Lagger walks through that bridge, SWAT is seen hanging below it. Lagger's lag stops him from moving as SWAT climbs up. Then SWAT punches Lagger, knocking him down, Lagger tries to retaliate with a roundhouse kick to SWAT, but SWAT dodges him and kicks Lagger twice, knocking him away and shoots him with his handgun, killing him. Psycho and Freekill sees this behind the gate, with Freekill says "Sector clear!" as the Terrorist (Lagger) near them has been killed and Psycho replies "Roger that!".

Meanwhile, Camper camps in the bottom part of one of the stairs in de_aztec and says "I'm in position". Assassin and Killer battles with their respective guns while Dumbass is dancing near Killer. The Pro on the other side tries to shoot Dumbass, but Dumbass's dance dodges all the bullets shot to him, and Killer gets killed instead. Assassin prepares to shot Dumbass as he says "Come to papa!", and in the same time an enraged The Pro tries to stab Dumbass with his knife. Unfortunately, Pro's attack missed and The Pro gets teamkilled by Assassin. Meanwhile, SWAT sees Camper sleeping on his camping spot, then SWAT switches to knife and dives down above Camper to stab and kill him with his knife.

Newbie is seen reading a CS Guide by WX, and barely understand it (As he says "Oh man.."). Freekill found him and aims his Magnum to him, but before he can shoot him, Freekill's screen get blocked by "useless pop-ups" which is created by Dumbass. Unfortunately, after closing all the pop-ups, Newbie is already killed by SWAT. Freekill shouts in rage after losing his target because of something he hates bugging his game (Pop-Ups). In this state, he is then get shot by FD God. SWAT tries to shoot FD God but he hides behind a crater and throw a Flashbang at him, but his sunglasses protect him from the light explosion, but FD God has already escaped from SWAT. Psycho is seen walking in front of Dumbass. As Assassin prepares to shoot Dumbass again, SWAT commands Assassin to hold his fire to avoid another friendly fire as Psycho then kicks him in the groin, then fires him in the head as Dumbass cowers in pain.

Suddenly FD God appears from a door, dual-wields AK-47 and Glock-17 in both hands and kills both Assassin and Psycho at the same time with said guns. FD God plants the bomb. SWAT and FD God then engages in an epic duel, shooting each other with their primary guns (AK-47 and M4-A1, respectively), with both of them dodging each shoot. To further dodge the bullets, FD God climbs a vertical ramp near the bomb site. Also SWAT cartwheels to dodge FD God's bullets. They continue to shoot until their primary weapon ran out of ammo. They switch to their respective secondary guns. FD God fires SWAT with his Glock-17, then SWAT hides in a pillar and shoots FD God back with his USP. 40, which it misses. SWAT and FD God approach each other as they still shooting with their pistols, but not long after that their pistols also ran out of ammo.

SWAT and FD God decides to fight with their fists. SWAT jumps and punches and kicks FD God at the same time, kicks again FD God twice and punches his face. FD God dodges that punch, then punches SWAT twice and spin kicks SWAT away. FD God then gestures SWAT to come on as SWAT stands of his knees. Enraged by this, SWAT kicks FD God, launching him to the wall and jumps high with his foot engulfs the screen as he lands, he stomps on something several times (Thought to be FD God), but turns out that he stomps a fly, and overkills it. FD God gets up and fights SWAT again. He starts with a punch, then a low kick, some punches, followed by two jumping kick and three punches. At the same time, FD God sweep kicks SWAT while SWAT do a jumping spin kick. Both of them dodge the kick. SWAT lands facing away from FD God and kicks upwards, hitting FD God's face and interrupting FD God's punch as he flinches from that blow. FD God attacks SWAT with a few blows. But SWAT retaliates with three kicks and a punch, which knocks him down. FD God immediately gets up and delivers a very strong two kicks to SWAT which knocks him away. SWAT then gets up on his knees and proceeds to rush down FD God with many punches and kicks, ending with SWAT finally kills FD God with a punch to his face. SWAT then finally defuses the bomb (Without defuse kit).

Extra ScenesEdit

  • Dumbass

This is the scene where The Pro shoots Dumbass. In this scene Dumbass still dodges the first three bullets but eventually Dumbass get shot in his butt, and killed.

  • Lagger

SWAT tries to punch Lagger after he climbs to the bridge but Lagger's lag makes him immune to his punch (Like in Global Offensive trailer which he is immune to Freekill's shotgun), SWAT is confused then walks away. Then Lagger kills SWAT from behind and smiles as his lag actually brings him advantage.

  • Admin

Assassin prepares to shoot Dumbass, then he spots a green blank-faced stick figure (The Admin), and says "OMG! Who is that gay guy?". FD God and SWAT also mocked Admin as a gay. Admin smiles then uses his lightning power to kill everybody in the game, and ends with last message from Admin, "Do not mess with me!"

List of chatsEdit

From the scene where Striker tries to shoot Killer

(Counter-Terrorist) The Pro : Dumbass is mine!

(Counter-Terrorist) Psycho : ........what?.....

(Counter-Terrorist) Freekill : who cares!

(Terrorist) Newbie : how the hell do u shoot?

The scene after The Pro kills Killer

(Counter-Terrorist) Psycho : LOL! Stupid Lagger!

.*DEAD* Lagger : Hey! I was lagging! ><

(Terrorist) Dumbass : auhwghcuahradasadw

.*DEAD* Killer : Arghhhh!

The scene where Freekill tries to kill Newbie

(Counter-Terrorist) SWAT : Go vote 5 for DE_dust at Newgrounds!

(Counter-Terrorist) Assassin : I sure will!

.*DEAD* Killer : Anyone ever wonder how we could play and type at the same time?

(Counter-Terrorist) Assassin : Newbies suck!


  • First known Overkill