What Episode?


What map?


Hostage or Bomb defusal?



This episode starts with Counter-terrorist's 1 and 4 getting their weapons ready while, Counter-terrorist's 2 and 3 goes in the building. Then T's 2 throws his Glock-18 and jumps off the catwalk. *all terrorists are in position*. Counter-terrorist 4 jumps of a building and goes to Terrorist 4 distracting him. While distracting him Counter-terrorist 1 kills Terrorist 4. Meanwhile Counter-terrorist 2 is on a suspended catwalk but Terrorist 1 sees him and kills him. Then Counter-terrorist 3 is in a hallway with a HE grenade near Terrorist 2, soon Terrorist 2 starts to shoot and Counter-terrorist says,"S**t! I...DIE WITH HONOR!!!". *throws HE grenade* After that, Counter-terrorist 4 says,"go for me". Counter-terrorist 1 replies,"roger that" then Counter-terrorist 4 runs while Terrorist 1 and 3 tried to shoot him (like the scene in de_dust2 where Dumbass runs and Psycho and Assassin tried to shoot Dumbass). Then Counter-Terrorist 1 kills Terrorist 3. Then Terrorist 1 jumps and tried again to kill Counter-terrorist 4 but out of nowhere Terrorist 2 jumps to kill Counter-terrorist 4, but he gets the bullet! Then Counter-terrorist 4 laughs...until he gets a bullet in the balls and says,"MAH BALLS!" then dies. Then the last CT and T tried to kill until Terrorist 1 threw his knife and the CT... dies. so its- Terrorist Win!