Meet Assassin






Royal Blue

Weapon of Choice

AWP Magnum Sniper Rifle (de_dust2) , Schmidt Scout(de_dust + de_aztec)


Blue (formerly glowing white)


Kill all Newbies!

Assassin is an fairly experienced player of Counter Strike. Assassin is the Counter-Terrorism sniper. He has the same sniper rifle as Camper, the Magnum AWP, and was the first Counter-Terrorist to be killed in DE_dust, the 3rd animation of the series. Assassin camps just like Camper. He attempted to kill Dumbass, but killed The Pro by accident, and completely missed on attempt 2. Assassin hates all Newbies (which made him kill Newbie in DE_dust2 Outtake 3) and is a fairly experienced player. 

He is the Counter-Terrorist counterpart of Camper, as they both experienced and experts in using Snipers. 



Assassin's first confirmed appearance in the series is in de_dust, when he first kills The Pro, back when he was still a terrorist. He was positioned near the CT Spawn, likely trying to snipe Camper, when Dumbass and The Pro came in. After sniping the Pro, Dumbass came out of cover and fired off 3 rounds at Assassin, he dodged the first 2 matrix style, but the 3rd round hit home and killed Assassin immediately.


His second appearance is in de-aztec, when he is embroiled in a firefight with Dumbass and Killer. While Dumbass is standing in the open dancing, Killer is spraying Assassin's position with bullets. The Pro enters the scene, Pro kills Killer in an attempt to kill the dancing Dumbass, but runs out of ammo. Meanwhile, Assassin has Dumbass in his crosshair when Pro comes in for the knife attack. Pro misses and only has enough time to see Assassin's round penetrate his skull. The next scene he's featured in, Psycho has been hit with a flashbang. Assassin is about to snipe Dumbass, who is standing in front of Psycho when the flashbang wares off. Psycho, now aware that Assassin is about to pull the trigger stops calls out to him on the radio to hold his fire. Psycho then proceeds to kick Dumbass in the nuts and shoot him. Shortly after, FD God (AT God at the time) flies through the door and kills both Psycho and Assassin with his AK-47.


His third appearance is in de-dust 2, he was guarding bombsite A, when Lagger appeared. He lined up a shot, but because of Lagger's horrid connection, Assassin got a false view of where Lagger was standing and missed. Lagger, now aware of Assassin's presence, books it out of there. Assassin, in an attempt to kill Lagger, chucks a grenade at the staircase Lagger was in. Shortly after, Killer dove in through the CT Spawn with his signature slow-motion dive, however Assassin is on the other side. Killer collapses onto the ground holding his knee in pain, Assassin takes this opportunity to shoot Killer in the head. Now joined by Psycho, the two guard site A and are met by Dumbass and FD God. The two attempt to gun down Dumbass but he is too fast, and their shots all miss by millimeters. Like in aztec, FD pops up and guns down Assassin with his AK.

DE_Dust2 Outtake 3

In this short, Camper is "teaching" Newbie how to snipe. As Camper is getting Newbie to adjust his position, Assassin takes notice of this, and takes the opportunity to shoot and kill Newbie.

DE_Dust2 Outtake 4

In a classic sniper battle, Assassin (who is off-screen for the entire outtake) manages to pin down Camper just as Newbie shows up. Newbie manages to find a grenade and is directed by Camper to throw it. However, just as Newbie is about to throw, Assassin manages to shoot Newbie once again, resulting in the grenade falling down and killing Camper.

Flashdeck 100k Celebration

Assassin appears in the celebration between Freekill and Psycho, dancing with one eye open.


Assassin appears to be level-headed and calm under fire. This is shown when he was under fire from Killer in Aztec, and from Dumbass in DE_Dust. He, like Camper appear to be defensive and casual players, being calm and casual of their situation, he also appears to be patient and determined, evidence to his skill in sniping. While his reflexes may not be as fast as Striker's movements, he is a good shot.


  • Assassin may be based off of CT 2 in CS_Assault
  • As all characters are modeled after types of Counter Strike players, Assassin is modeled after players who are snipers.