Camper with an AWP Magnum Sniper Rifle

The Arctic Warfare Police, or Magnum Sniper Rifle, is a powerful British sniper rifle used by both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.

History Edit

de_aztec Edit

The AWP appears for the first time in de_aztec, in the hands of Freekill, while he and his teammate Psycho argued over who should fight Lagger first. The rifle then appears in Camper's hands, but it is not used by him (as he falls asleep). Freekill then attempted to use the AWP to kill Newbie, however, was the victim of a pop-up prank (presumably from Dumbass). This led to SWAT stealing the kill, and to FD God taking out Freekill.

de_dust2 Edit

The AWP reappears again, now being the only sniper rifle in the episode. It is first used by Camper to kill Striker, and Camper does not shoot it again, as he is too busy playing his theme song. It also appears in the hands of Assassin, who manages to kill Killer with the rifle. Later, Assassin attempts to shoot Lagger, but thanks to his lag, the shot missed by mere centimeters, and Lagger ran off (only to get killed by SWAT). The AWP returns once more when Dumbass is chasing Chicken/Hacker, and Psycho and Assassin miss every shot they fire upon him. FD God then kills Assassin, taking out the last sniper in the round.

de_dust2 outtake 3 Edit

In this short, Camper cannot buy the AWP, due to insufficient funds. He looks over at his teammate, Newbie, and gets an idea. Camper asks Newbie if he would like sniping lessons, and Newbie buys an AWP, no problem. Camper tells Newbie to move more to the left, until Newbie is shot in the face by Assassin (who wields another AWP). Camper takes the rifle and runs off.

de_dust2 outtake 4 Edit

In this episode, we see Camper, using presumably the same rifle as last time, camping. Newbie comes in at the same moment Assassin pins Camper down. Newbie grabs a grenade off a nearby corpse to help his teammate, but is shot by Assassin before he can throw it. The grenade falls down and explodes, killing Camper.

Global Offensive Trailer Edit

The AWP appears briefly in the hands of Camper, who exchanges it for a bazooka.

Striker's Rampage Edit

In Striker's Rampage, Striker uses a smoke grenade to obstruct Camper's view, before taking out other terrorists. Striker later proceeds to knife Dumbass, and gets into a duel with Camper, in the extremely unlikely outcome, Striker's USP wins a duel against Camper's AWP.


Trivia Edit

  • Since it's appearance in de_aztec, the AWP has gone on to replace the Schmidt Scout as the iconic sniper rifle of the series.