Lagger with an AK-47

The Avtomat-Kalashnikova (AK)-47, or CV-47, is a Soviet assault rifle used exclusively by the Terrorist team.

History Edit

cs_mansion Edit

The AK-47 first appeared in cs_mansion, wielded by all four terrorists, however, it was not used, due to the terrorists using knives.

cs_assault Edit

The AK-47 reappeared again, in the hands of two terrorists: Terror 1 and Terror 4. Terror 4 used it to shoot at Counter 4, but was knifed by Counter 1. Terror 1, meanwhile, was camping, and fired upon Counter 4 with it, but did not hit him once.

de_dust Edit

The AK-47 returned in the hands of The Pro, who did not use it at all.

de_aztec Edit

The AK-47 is brought back again in de_aztec, with a much larger role than previous appearances. It first appears in the hands of Lagger, who does not use it at all. The gun then appears and finally gets a kill to it's name when FD God uses it to kill Freekill. FD God uses it again, along with his Glock, to kill Assassin and Psycho. It's final appearance in the episode when FD God uses it during the showdown between him and SWAT, where he finally uses up the ammo.

de_dust2 Edit

The AK-47 returns once again, with the same users. It first appears in the hands of Lagger, yet he does not fire it once. The AK-47 then appears in Hacker's hands for a millisecond as Hacker switched weapons. It's last appearance in the episode was when FD God used his AK-47 to kill both Assassin and Psycho, before holstering it.

Global Offensive Trailer Edit

The AK-47 returns yet again in the parody of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It is first seen used by FD God to kill Psycho. The second time, it appeared in the hands of Lagger (who was frozen), but could not use it.

Striker's Rampage Edit

The AK-47 appears in Striker's Rampage as well, where FD God and Lagger both use the gun. However, both Lagger and FD God are killed before they can even fire it.

Target Practice with Newbie Edit

The AK-47 is brought back one final time in this short. After using up a Deagle in Target Practice, Newbie uses an AK-47, but it has no ammunition in it. An offscreen person hands Newbie an auto-fire magazine, and Newbie uses it. With such cruel irony, the kickback of the weapon is too much, and Newbie ends up shooting himself.

Users Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the characters who have wielded it, only Terror 1 and FD God have ever fired an AK.
    • FD God is also so far the only character to have gotten any kills with the AK.